Bridge The Gap Maths


  • A game changer for children in their final year of primary school, first year of high school, and further. This book is recommended for SCHOOLS and also HOME EDUCATED children.
  • 100 lessons in one book!
  • A write-in workbook, with teaching SCRIPT and ONE PAGE per concept.
  • OUTSTANDING glowing reviews and testimonials, this is a book that your children won't want to be without!
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About Bridge The Gap Maths

A fantastic resource in its 5th successful year created by Laurie Beesting – qualified Maths teacher and musician, and now tutor to many home-schooled children around the globe.

This clever resource gives parents not only the ability to save money on online lessons but enables parents to have the confidence to teach their children at home.

This resource provides Maths intervention so children are READY for high school level maths, and is suitable for final year primary/first-year high school and further. The book is also great for Intermediate students, or older (including adults) who need to backtrack a little (but retain dignity).

The book is used as A SINGLE write-in workbook, teaching a SCRIPT with ONE PAGE per concept, and has OUTSTANDING, glowing reviews, and testimonials. Visit the Bridge The Gap WEBSITE – for more information, and to view testimonials, sample pages, videos, events, and much more!


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